Marquees Flooring

Henderson Marquee Hire

We believe that marquee flooring is of paramount importance. Our innovative flooring guarantees a smooth finish regardless as to the ground conditions. This is achieved by initially laying a steel sub frame over the ground and then inserting polished wooden boards into the framework. Because the substructure frame is made of steel we can take out ground undulations and reduce or eliminate gradients (depending on the extent of the slope.)

Why choose our marquee flooring?

  • It is completely smooth even on undulating ground.
  • Because our sub-structure beams are made of steel as opposed to wood, the floor can be built up to remove or reduce slopes (depending on gradient). See pictures 4 to 6 (below).
  • It is much safer to use as each board is secured into the steel frame.
  • It is raised from the ground therefore giving better insulation.
  • Water does not seep through in extremely wet conditions.
  • It can straddle obstacles eg a stream, small kerb, a step.
  • As the marquee frame locks into the steel sub-structure, our marquees are much more stable in stormy conditions.
  • It is great for dancing on!

Other flooring options

New carpet can be supplied in all or part of the marquee in a colour of your choice

Dance floors can be provided if planning to carpet the entire marquee

Flooring can be used to create a decking area
(see picture 11 below)

Plastic grid-mat is ideal for outdoor use such as paths, or at entrance areas (see picture 12 below)

Coconut matting can also be used for paths and at entrance doors

Flooring Examples

Steel Sub-structure Flooring

Building up floor to reduce gradient


Dancefloor / Decking / Gridmat