Marquees Accessories

Henderson Marquee Hire

The following options and accessories are available.

  • Porches, ‘Chinese hats’ and Walkways - these can be attached to the marquee to give an all-weather covered entrance

  • Connecting Marquees - these can be attached to the main marquee for different purposes such as a catering area, a cloakroom, a bar, a lounge/chill-out area, etc.

  • PVC ‘orangery’ window panels are available in 3m sections for our 6m, 9m,12m & 15m structures and PCV ‘panoramic’ window panels are available in 3m sections for our 12m & 15m structures.

  • Glass window panelling in 3m sections is available for all marquees giving a much clearer view outside. Add a set of glass bi-fold doors so that in hot summer days you can open them up for fresh air and your guests can have additional access outside.

  • Also available are windows which have a section that can be opened on hot days, to allow some fresh air into the marquee.

  • Double Entrance Doors - our doors are made of aluminium and are of the highest quality.
  • Heating - our heaters are extremely effective even in winter. They sit outside the marquee and heat is ducted in.
  • Raised staging - available in sections to create the size that you need.
  • Furniture - we can arrange for a full range of tables and chairs to be supplied
  • Toilet Facilities - luxury loos or basic toilet units can be supplied depending on your requirements
  • Generators - We can supply and fully connect a generator to power your electrical equipment where there is no or an inadequate power source on site.
  • For anything not on our list here – please ask!