FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to our most frequesntly asked questions.

  • What type of surface can the marquee be erected on?

    Because our marquees are the modern clear-span framed type, they can be erected on most surfaces, including grass, gravel, tar and concrete. If we are unable to pin through the surface we can secure the marquee by weighting it down.
  • How much space do I require?

    Framed marquees do not need the room that traditional marquees require as there are no guy ropes. Approximately half a metre is required around the perimeter of the marquee.
  • Can anything be done to reduce/eliminate a slope or undulations in the ground?

    Due to our suspended flooring system, we can take out the vast majority of ground undulations giving a smooth finish inside. We can also take out/reduce ground slope, the extent of which depends on the site.
  • Are marquees a good idea in winter months?

    Absolutely. We simply provide extra heating to compensate for the colder weather. Our wooden flooring is suspended on a steel frame and is not placed directly onto the ground. This greatly reduces the coldness underfoot and stops any dampness coming through.
  • Do I need a heating system in the summer months?

    This is always a difficult one to answer. It is not essential but sometimes customers prefer to have the option of heating there just in case it is needed.
  • When will the marquee be erected and dismantled?

    For weddings or lunches of 100 or more, or large evening functions we endeavour (but do not guarantee) to have the main structure ready one day in advance of the event to give the customer a day to decorate/furnish the marquee. For smaller or simpler events, the marquee would normally be erected the day prior to the event, although it may be erected earlier depending on our work schedule. The marquee would generally be removed the day after the event, although it may be later than this, again depending on our scheduling.
  • Do you provide a catering service?

    No we don’t – we stick to what we know best, however we can suggest caterers who we have worked closely with in the past.
  • Should we carpet the floor?

    Our polished wooden flooring is of a very high standard and generally our marquees are hired without carpet. However, if required, we can put down new contract carpet on all or part of the marquee should this be desired.
  • Why should I choose Henderson Gray Marquee Hire?

    We have been providing marquees since 1999 and therefore have the experience and knowledge required to help make your event a huge success. Our marquee equipment is of a superior quality and is maintained to a very high standard. As we are a family-run firm, we are able to provide a personal service which we know our customers appreciate. The combination of our experience in the industry, the standard of our equipment and the personal service that we offer make Henderson Gray Marquee Hire the right choice for your event!

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