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‘Ladies Day’ at Perth Race Course

Several marquees were provided for Ladies Day – a 15m x 45m structure (with panoramic windows overlooking the race course) which accommodated 800 for dining, a 12m x 15m marquee for ‘Pretty in Pink’ and a 9m x 18m marquee for the Mac & Posh Lounge.

These structures were floored with polished wooden flooring on our steel-sub structure frame-work, lined out in pleated ivory and supplied with chandelier lighting. Attached, was a 9m x 18m catering marquee, a 9m x 18m marquee to accommodate the portable toilets, and a 6m x 12m entrance porch.

  • Category: Corporate
  • Location:Perth
  • Event Date: May 2014
  • Customer: Perth Race Course
  • Marquee Types:
    • Dining
    • Lounges
    • Catering
    • Cloakroom
    • Entrance porch

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